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Ultimate Thyroid Health Video Series

At Functional Endocrinology of Ohio, we want to educate!  Our doctors are passionate about getting people well and want to share that information and passion.  On the topic of the thyroid, Dr. Ungar wrote a book called "Your Thyroid Chemistry Doesn't Lie!" The information in the videos that are part of our Ultimate Thyroid Health Video Series is a product of Dr. Ungar's knowledge and cutting-edge research and testing.  Watch the Introductory Thyroid Video first (on its own page) and then start with Video #2 and the other videos on this page. To watch a video, click on its title.  Happy learning!






My Doctor is Not Helping


Why Do So Many People Have Thyroid Disorders


Thyroid Disorders and Dairy


Thyroid Disorders and Vitamins A and D


Thyroid Disorders and Inflammation


Thyroid Disorders and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome


What If My Thyroid Has Been Removed?


Thyroid Disorders and Gut Function


Thyroid Disorders and Blood Sugar


The Six Patterns of Low Thyroid Function


Thyroid Disorders and Dental Work


Thyroid Disorders and Electromagnetic Fields


Thyroid Disorders and Mud Packs


Thyroid Disorders and Coffee


Thyroid Disorders and Green Tea


Thyroid Disorders and Gluten


Thyroid Disorders and Cross-Reactive Foods


Thyroid Disorders and Cortisol (COMING SOON)


Thyroid Disorders and Hormone Replacement Therapy (COMING SOON)


Thyroid Disorders and Iodine


Thyroid Disorders and Weight Loss (COMING SOON)



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"My name is Chris. I came here a little over a month ago. I was not sleeping well, waking up constantly throughout the night from my hands going numb due to carpal tunnel syndrome. Now, I have absolutely no pain. I am sleeping through the night!!  All without surgery!  My husband says Dr. Ungar is a miracle doctor!!  The way I am feeling now, I would say so too!!  This program works and I am proof."

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